I learn in breadth, so that I can work in depth.

My life is structured to allow me as much time as needed (read: years) on projects that are meaningful to me.

While select work is listed here, most of my work, you won’t see or hear about from me. I’m typically behind the scenes helping small business owners develop their own voice, workflow and connect with their audience.

Hidden Hands

My personal design studio and philosophy.


Our first creation: A deft dueling game. Played with beautiful tiles handcrafted where I live. The story of Orendao is the story of where I live — one I am incredibly proud of. Four years in development and counting.

Monolith of Minds

A sister organization created by long-time collaborator and frenemy for life Guenther Beyer along with his equally antagonistic brother, Richie.


Years ago Guenther sent me a short story and asked me to give feedback on it. We ended up creating a little online novella called The Last Website with artwork and a soundtrack from my brothers.

Years later Guenther and Richie went on to explore and flesh out that little vignette into a fullblown video game. I found myself editing a video game script based on a short story we co-wrote seven years earlier. Surreal.

Jen Lee Light

Have been a long-time (10 years) partner and marketing strategist for Jen Lee Light.

This was my guinea pig, (thank you Jennifer), for my approach to design, marketing and communication. I developed skills across the field: branding, web-design, information architecture, market strategy, positioning, copy-writing, client retention.

Simple, Honest: With a focus on simplicity (photographers have notoriously tedious pricing structures and agreements), and honesty (photographers have notoriously vague, hand-wavey pricing and agreements).

Trust: In a sea of would-be photographers and the rise of cell-phone pro’s it was evident ease of access and trust were the differentiating market advantages.

Personality: the common advice to photographers in the higher price range was to remain aloof. Turtlenecks and sunglasses. Not so with Jennifer. We kept her public image raw, candid, and often painfully open.

This approach has earned Jen Lee Light repeat clients, and a rock solid position in Port Townsend, WA. A highly competitive space for destination photographers.


My most recent collaboration with Jen Lee Light was Body: A significant transition to intimate body portraiture. No small challenge. The biggest puzzle — outside of finding clients brave enough to bare it all — was positioning between Boudoir and Fine Art Nude. Both categories were plagued by stigmas and amateurs. Neither were appealing, and did not align with Jen Lee Light’s core identity: simple, honest.

Following a lot of digging the solution hit me on a walk home: name the project Body” and make the name the market position. (This idea is inspired by Oliver Reichenstein’s insight: the interface is the brand”.) From there the launch strategy fell into place beautifully.

We built out an entirely new section of site, drafted an announcement, and a launch campaign. Gliding smoothly through a medium with an attention-grabbing stigma to an act of self possession: this is my Body. Building on Jen Lee Light’s core identity and speaking to her audience.