October 17, 2019

The Journalist and the Time-Traveler.

For me, writing is a struggle between capturing ideas and composing them.

The Journalist in me arrives at a scene, flips open his pad and just wants to get down the facts. Then the Time-Traveler shows up and starts re-arranging furniture, faces, features.

This frustrates the Journalist.

Much of my work has been learning how to get them to work together.

Ideally, I’m the Editor who gets them to settle on one description of the events.

Typically, I’m the Therapist who gets them to stay in the same room long enough to understand each-other.

When it all comes together it’s music.

I heard someone passionate about jazz, describe jazz, and the feeling they got across is the feeling I get when I write.

In this sense writing is listening and answering with what you hear. Call and response.

The Journalist capturing ideas; The Time-Traveler composing them.

October 17, 2019

I generalize.

Conversations with me quickly climb the ladder of abstraction.

This makes for a open-ended approach that may, or may not satisfy. I have to work to get my feet back on solid ground.

I enjoy it.

October 17, 2019

A way

Shape your space, shape yourself.

I found a way that works for me.

I actually found it early on, and it has managed to stick.

It starts with space.

I found that when I shape my space, my space shapes me.

Big to small. Rooms, beds, tables, chairs, shelves, bags and everything that goes in them: books, gear, tech, cups (I love cups, you should see my cups), good food, good people.

I ruthlessly audit my space.

If it doesn’t serve, it doesn’t survive.

If I find something isn’t serving I let it go, or I let it deteriorate to the point that I can let it go, or reincorporate it.

I’m especially satisfied when I can find a new use for an old thing.

It took a long time to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I’m still learning. I see it as a conversation. (This led to my method of design.)

For example: I used to get frustrated when my two sons would break things.

More recently, I’ve realized they’re a fantastic inoculation against bullshit. If it doesn’t survive them, and I’m not willing to teach them, then it isn’t worth preserving.

Every thing bent and broken is a lesson.

(I still get frustrated.)

October 17, 2019

Way: A non-judgemental framework.

There are many ways.

Over time, studying myself and others, I cobbled together a few areas of life that I tend to and they tend to me:


I call this a non-judgemental framework. It’s basically a checklist.

If I’m having a life problem it falls into one of these areas. This keeps me from being overwhelmed by It All.

Use any of these areas as an entry point and fill in the details in a way that makes sense to you. That’s what I do, and I doubt it looks anything like yours.

There are many ways. This one is mine.

Non-Judgemental Framework