The people, projects and teams that influence my work… in no certain order.

Louis L’Amour Author, cowboy, true-blue explorer. See Education of a Wandering Man

Robert Bringhurst Linguist, poet, typographer.
See Everywhere Being is Dancing

Mark Johnson Linguist, philosopher.
See Meaning of the Body

Christopher Alexander Iconoclastic architect, master of generative design.
See Timeless Way of Building

Edward Tufte Information artist.
See Beautiful Evidence

Oliver Reichenstein Head of Information Architects.
See The Interface of a Cheesburger

Frank Chimero Designer, writer, reader.
See The Shape of Design

Zach Gage Conceptual artist, game designer.
See Designing for Problem Solvers

Ryan Singer Lead designer at Basecamp.
See On Design Forces

Derek Sivers Student of life, entrepreneur.
See Hell Yeah, or No

Suckless Minimalist software, hardline philosophy.