Heads up: I’m a context is the point” kind of person; if you’re a get to the point” kind of person… well.

I’m told I’m disciplined.

I know better.

I can be a chaotic mess. Easily distracted, manic, obsessive.

— Hey there, I’m Jared.

I grew up on five acres, in a farming town, in the west.

First son in a family of 13, I shared a bedroom with five other brothers. Our upbringing was back-to-basics, non-conformist. Minimal consumption, with a moderate dose of cult.

Other than endless chores, spartan meals and odd religious practices, how we spent our time was up to us. High-pressure responsibility, with a lot of lateral freedom. Five acres worth. Oh, and books. Shelves, boxes and cubbyholes stuffed with books.

This freedom has trade-offs. Being self-educated, I have an intrinsic love of learning, but weird knowledge gaps (which I enjoy filling).

On the upside I’m endlessly curious.

— I explore

I was born with a pioneering spirit.

Raised on stories of my pioneering ancestors. Equal parts exploration and sacrifice. If you aren’t prepared to eat your grandmother, bury your child, and change with the landscape you’re probably not pioneer material. (Ok, these days it’s less about braving the wild and more about managing to look past the screen and out a window.)

I left home when I was 19 didn’t look back. A mountain of mistakes, sacrifices, and a few interesting decisions led to my unusual way of life.

I enjoy talking about all of it.

Really, ask me anything.

— Now?

After six years of white-collar work, as a creative, at Global Mess of a Company I decided downing Redbull at 2AM wasn’t sustainable.

So, I moved to the Pacific Northwest where I…

… study what interests me.

… collaborate with artists, local and abroad.

… explore the wilderness with my two, vivid sons. Raising them to be capable, curious, cultured.

What’s the point?

Every person pays their price.

I want to move free, eat well, sleep deep.

Everything I do, let’s me do that.