October 17, 2019

A way

Shape your space, shape yourself.

I found a way that works for me.

I actually found it early on, and it has managed to stick.

It starts with space.

I found that when I shape my space, my space shapes me.

Big to small. Rooms, beds, tables, chairs, shelves, bags and everything that goes in them: books, gear, tech, cups (I love cups, you should see my cups), good food, good people.

I ruthlessly audit my space.

If it doesn’t serve, it doesn’t survive.

If I find something isn’t serving I let it go, or I let it deteriorate to the point that I can let it go, or reincorporate it.

I’m especially satisfied when I can find a new use for an old thing.

It took a long time to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I’m still learning. I see it as a conversation. (This led to my method of design.)

For example: I used to get frustrated when my two sons would break things.

More recently, I’ve realized they’re a fantastic inoculation against bullshit. If it doesn’t survive them, and I’m not willing to teach them, then it isn’t worth preserving.

Every thing bent and broken is a lesson.

(I still get frustrated.)

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