Jared here,

Writer. Designer.

Writing is my first love. Design is my discipline.

I write thoughts on refining daily life or novella’s like Last Website, and make up games like Orendao.


Editing Lila’s Letters

Lovely little easter eggs in Lila’s Sky Ark: the pixel-perfect, sexy sequel to Resolutiion by Monolith of Minds.

Anything for MoM.

Writing Canon of Jruid

A dystopamystical postwestern mess about a non-voilent, Earth-magic cowboy searching his grandfather’s past in the once fertile, now war-ravaged, undead-infested, Valley between the mountains of Hither and Yon.

He’ll have to face the forces of the natural, supernatural, inner demons, a horde of the undead, and yes Death himself.

Full of horses, guns, magic, mystery and characters that take themselves way too seriously.


I work with teams and individuals like Monolith of Minds and Jen Lee Light to develop their voice and launch their projects.

This involves behind the scenes listening, editing, diagramming, writing.

Want to work with me? Send me a quick pitch. If it’s a fit we’ll set a budget, timeline, and plan first moves.