Jared here. Writer and script-doctor for indie games, films, comics. Dramatist apprentice.

Short and sweet.

I help indie teams fix the writing in their scripts in an efficient, no-nonsense process. Save time, money and build a loyal audience.

You know the story you want to tell.

I know how.

Take your awesome (but disconnected) ideas and unify them into a clear, compelling voice that speaks to your audience in a memorable way.

You’re a busy indie lead.

You’ve got a real project with real teeth.

You want to do it right. No, you don’t have a blockbuster budget, but you’re serious about the work and what it takes to succeed.

I’m a classically trained writer.

I have a solid grasp of craft.

And I’m crazy enough to believe the stories in indies can be every bit as transformative as award winning blockbusters. No writers block. No lingering deadlines.

How it works?

I keep things brutally simple.

  1. We share: a document that can track changes (e.g., Git, Gdoc, Dbox…).
  2. I edit: and comment based on your goals.
  3. You choose: Accept edits that work. Reject edits that don’t.

How to start?

Easy. Message me a quick one-sentence story pitch.

Include: Title, Target Medium, Project Status. If it’s a fit we’ll set a budget, timeline, and plan first moves.

Twitter: @jaredcchapman


Editing Lila’s Letters: darkly humorous, tragic easter eggs in Monolith of Minds pixel perfect sexy sequel to their cult indie game Resolutiion.